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Osasona Peter Toyin also known as Osapettoy is a Singer, Songwriter, Music Instructor, music producer and a jazz guitarist. His music is often classified as Jazz, R&B or Gospel Worship Music. He was born in Tsaragi, Kwara State, Nigeria; a native of Irele, Ikole Local Government Area in Ekiti State, South-West, Nigeria. He was inspired to write his first song just after the death of his Late father, Revd. Isaac Sunday Osasona who was a minister in His Grace Baptist Church, Ado-Ekiti. Since then, his passion for music has grown and translated into various musical experiences. Osapettoy calls his style of music “SOP Jazz”. His peculiar and passionate guitar playing styles make him stand out. He has singles such as “Ile Oluwa”, “Ogo”, “Untold Mercy”, “Mowadupe”, “Towdah”, “Oba Ara” and “Joba”. In addition to having released solo works (Singles, EP and albums) he has played as a sideman on more than a hundred works(music).

 Critics have found the style of Osapettoy solo works difficult to describe, though they praise his creative genius. Osapettoy attended the Plateau Polytechnic Jos. He has worked with a wide variety of musicians both local and International such as the late Ronny Jordan an American jazz guitarist but the collaboration was not ready before the death of wonderful Ronny. A musician in Western part of Africa for over 10 years now, he has performed with a variety of artists too. He is a regular member of FH crew and the founder. He has conducted clinics and workshops around the world, and served as music instructor in several institute’s up till date. Osapettoy continues to perform original music internationally with his own quartet, trio. Osapettoy is working on some projects that will really add more value and attract more attention to his career and the title of these wonderful albums are: “BRAND NEW DAY” and “BALOGUN” Osapettoy is the founder and creator of the style “sop jazz” very interesting genre of jazz music.

Osasona Peter Toyin also known as Osapettoy is a Singer.

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JOBA is the first track from my newest album titled “BRAND NEW DAY” dropping on the June 12 2021. Which happens to be my birthday. This Song is from the secret place of HIS Throne. I’ve sang about this topic before, declaring that there is none like our God. But this song is so dear to my heart, because is birthed from an encounter with the Father. I am just useless without you Jesus (Father) and now I know.